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Aluminum Siding Refinishing​
Does your aluminum siding look faded out and chalky? Would ​​​​​​​​​​​​​you like your house to look new again with brilliant color? Then having Case Painting refinis​h your ​a​luminum siding is a great solution! The condition of your aluminum siding greatly affects the appearance and value of your home. You will save thousands of dollars refinishing your Aluminum siding compared to the cost of replacing it with vinyl siding. We thoroughly clean your aluminum siding before re-painting. Our cleaning process includes pressure washing and scrubbing all aluminum siding to remove dirt and chalky paint. This process results in a clean surface and excellent adhesion for the new paint.

The job will also include caulking around windows and gap areas where needed and masking off all windows, doors, fixtures and other areas not to be painted. We also cover and protect all roof areas, foundation, blacktop and landscaping with drop clothes. The re-painti​​​​​ng of your aluminum siding will include the application of (2) two coats of high quality Sherwin Williams paint designed for aluminum siding. We can also paint other parts of your house if needed, including windows, doors, shutters, awnings and storm doors. We pride ourselves on our thorough surface preparation of your home because we recognize that this is where a great quality job begins.​​​​​​​​​​​​